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custom cakes and cupcakes

Build your own custom cake or cupcakes using the options below!

Final pricing will depend on the flavor, decor, and size.


Step 1: Choose a Size

Single-Tiered Cakes

Mini Cake (2-layer 4" round, serves 2 to 4), starting at $15

2-layer 6" round (serves 6 to 8), starting at $28.50

3-layer 6" round (serves 8 to 12), starting at $43

3-layer 8" round (serves 12 to 16), starting at $57

Two-Tiered Cakes

Serving sizes for tiered cakes are based on wedding/event portions


Mini Tiered: 3-layer 4" round + 3-layer 6" round (20 servings), starting at $80

Standard Tiered: 3-layer 6" round + 3-layer 8" round (40 servings), starting at $140


Cupcakes start at $33/dozen or $18/half dozen

Step 2: Pick a Cake Flavor

Classic: Chocolate, Lemon, White, Yellow Butter

Premier: Apple Butter, Carrot, Pumpkin, Red Velvet

Deluxe: Champagne, Cinnamon Swirl, Confetti, Oreo, White Chocolate


Step 3: Pick a Frosting Flavor

Classic: Chocolate Fudge, Lemon, Vanilla Bean (American)*

Premier: Champagne, Cream Cheese, Cinnamon Cream Cheese

Deluxe: Caramel, Cherry, Espresso, Milk Chocolate, Oreo, Peppermint Cream Cheese,

Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla Bean (Swiss Meringue)*, White Chocolate

Step 4: Pick a Filling (Optional)

Berry Jam (your choice of berry, or mixed berry)

Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Cinnamon Apple Compote

Lemon, Lime, or Orange Curd

Salted Caramel

Step 5: Choose Your Decor (Optional)

Buttercream Decoration (photos below)

Caramel Drip

Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Chocolate Ganache Drip

Sprinkles (Chocolate, Rainbow, or Sugar Pearls)

Writing such as "Happy Birthday!" (cakes only, complimentary)

*What's the difference? American Buttercream is classic powdered sugar-based frosting, and is quite sweet. Swiss Meringue Buttercream is a meringue-based frosting that is creamier and less sweet (and it is the Baker's personal recommendation)!

Nut-Free Bakery: Please note that we are a nut-free bakery, so flavors such as peanut butter or almond cannot be accommodated.

Classic shell border piping shown in pink frosting on a white cake

simple border piping

Add some classic elegance to your cake free of charge! Combine with sprinkles for a fun and festive look.

Choose the same color as the cake frosting, or a contrasting color.


This design works best with a white frosting (vanilla, cream cheese, white chocolate). Pair with border piping for extra pizzazz. 

Choose your color palette, and if you want a smooth or textured finish.

Teal to pink ombre frosting
Blue and pink watercolor frosting design


This design works best with a white frosting (vanilla, cream cheese, white chocolate).

Choose your color palette. Pink and blue watercolor is a popular choice for gender reveal cakes!


Pretty and feminine! Since this design is only on the sides, it may be combined with decor on the top of the cake, such as writing or buttercream roses.

Pink buttercream ruffles on a cake
White buttercream basketweave on a cake


A classic, eye-catching design! Since this design is only on the sides, it may be combined with decor on the top of the cake.


It is particularly  stunning when combined with a full floral wreath.


Simple but stunning.

Choose an all-over design or sides-only if you would like writing or different decor on top of the cake.

Can be done in an ombre color scheme if desired.

Pale pink buttercream rosettes on a cake
Purple buttercream flower accents on a cake

floral accents

Choose simple flowers or roses.

This design goes well with writing for birthday or celebratory cakes, and may also be applied to cupcakes.

Choose your color palette.

floral wreath - half

A true classic. Choose simple flower or roses. Choose your color palette.

Yellow buttercream roses on a cake
Pink and white buttercream roses on a cake

floral wreath - whole

Our favorite classic cake decor, a full floral wreath makes a statement.


Choose simple flowers or roses. Choose your color palette.

floral meadow

A meadow of sweet and simple florals adorns the outside of your cake with this feminine and elegant option. Choose your color palette.


cascading florals

A beautiful wreath of florals tops the cake and elegantly cascades down the side with this design. Choose your color palette.

painted florals

For a retro vibe, these buttercream flowers are hand-painted on the cake using palette knives. Paired with a classic pearl border. Choose your color palette.


fresh fruit

Your choice of fruit. We can do just a few slices or whole pieces of fruit to accent, or a half or whole wreath atop your cake. Pairs well with a fruit compote or lemon curd filling.

vintage piping

Choose a more simple vintage piping design, such as the cake pictured here, or more layered and complex piping (see our gallery for more examples).

Choose your color palette, from monotone to multi-colored.

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